It is my hope that live classes will return on Friday, December 4th.

Upon the return to live classes I will update the COVID-19 SAFETY MEASURES below to ensure they reflect up-to-date government regulations and guidelines.


‘Organised indoor sport or exercise classes can take place in larger numbers, provided groups of more than 6 do not mix.’ (22nd Sept 2020)

I am delighted to be able to welcome you back to Yoga Classes at St Marks Hall.

Yoga In Farnborough

St Marks Hall, Guildford Road East, Farnborough, Hampsire, GU14 6QD


Doors open 30 minutes before start of class for quiet personal practice, relaxation, and/or meditation. Please respect this quiet space.

Tuesday 1000-1130

Friday 1830-2000

I am deeply committed in my belief that the many and varied benefits of connecting through Yoga far outweigh the risks. Please know I am doing my utmost to adhere to the current guidelines and procedures laid out by the Government.

Firstly, Much patience, love and kindness, and a good dose of common sense and humour, will greatly help at this time.

Secondly, I’ve looked very carefully at the way we’ll continue with our Yoga practice in light of the situation caused by Covid-19. Things are different now and I’ve been drawing up risk assessments in partnership with Rushmoor Borough Council and St Marks Hall to make sure the new offering is safe and legal for you.

So I can make sure Social Distancing rules are complied with, the main difference is that you’ll need to book your place rather than just dropping in. Spaces will only be secured once payment is received.

The cost per session is £15 (£10 for subscribers to Yoga Online With Gregory Angell, YO-GA).

There are no restrictions regarding how many sessions you can book in advance. Also, to save you making multiple £15 bank transfers, there’s the option of paying for a number of sessions in advance and confirming the dates later.

To book: Simply email me at

To pay: MR G ANGELL 90342343 20-71-03

To adhere to social distancing guidelines the capacity for St Marks Classes has dropped from 35 to 20.

I’m expecting Friday classes to be fully booked i.e. to avoid disappointment book early.

There will be mats down (see picture below), but these are ‘only’ to be used to divide up the hall into safe ‘Social Distancing’ spaces. Please do not touch/use/move these mats.

Rather, place your own mat in the middle of the space in-between, and in-line with, my mats.

I will not be able to lend you a mat so you’ll need to provide your own. My advice: invest in a good one; and choose ‘wider’ and ‘longer’ than the standard size. I have a variety of mats in stock, ranging from £35 to £115, all available to you at either the RRP or lower.


For the benefit of all please observe the Government Social Distancing guidelines.

I ask for you to decide for yourself, and your own particular circumstances, what feels right for you and if indeed you feel ready to return just yet. There is the option of my online classes (a library of 55 classes is just a click away).

Please do not attend class if you feel unwell or if a member of your family has any symptoms. I ask anyone who is concerned that they may be developing Covid-19 symptoms to follow the Government advice, and self-isolate in the first instance. If you have a new continuous cough, high temperature, or any other symptoms associated with Coronavirus or have been advised to self-quarantine please do not attend class.

Covid Regulations for the use of St Mark’s Church Hall

1. I will not be accepting cash payments. Before arriving please ensure that you have booked and paid for the session. If payment isn’t received within 24hrs of booking your space may be allocated to somebody else.

2. Please bring your own mat.

3. Please park with consideration for personal space of others.

4. I kindly ask that you do not congregate inside/outside the building. Please enter and leave the building efficiently. As lovely as it would be to catch up in the foyer, or chat after class, we should refrain from doing so.

5. The hall will be cleaned/sanitised before your arrival.

6. There is a one way system in operation. Unless no other group is using the hall, please enter by the main door and leave by fire doors in the main hall (Tape and stickers have been placed to guide you).

7. On entering use the hand sanitisers. These can be found at the entrance (on your right), in the main hall and the 3 toilets. Sanitising wipes have been placed in the toilets.

8. When on your mat, i.e. social distancing, a face mask does not have to be worn. Though when entering/leaving the building, or visiting the toilet, please do wear a mask.

9. Ventilation – Windows will be opened and, if it’s warm enough, doors will also be opened.

10. Changing Facilities – Unfortunately none will be available. Please arrive ready.

11. The maximum ‘socially distanced’ capacity of the main hall is 20 (at the moment).

12. Track and Trace – I will keep a record of all participants and their contact details for 21 days.

13. Do not use the kitchen except for water.

14. Only one person at a time is permitted to use the toilets Wipes are provided but please do not put wipes down the toilets.

Thank you so much for all your support during these difficult times

Gregory is always available to answer any questions you may have and assist you with your yoga practice…