The intention is to create an Authentic Yoga experience, a comfort and a respite from the noise of everyday living.

To this end, these etiquette guidelines offer a means of achieving this together.

Studio doors open 30 minutes before the start of class for quiet personal practice.

Enjoy The Silence

Silence is a human necessity, too often we deny it. When you are silent it allows others to benefit from the opportunity of silence too.

The classes are a group activity, with the energy in the room being positively or negatively affected by every student. I greatly appreciate your help in creating a harmonious environment. Little things add up, little things mean a lot.

Silence is not just not talking. It’s a void. It’s a place where all things come from. All voices, all creation comes out of silence. When you are silent you are ready to listen to the sound of your soul.

Other considerations

As we strive to maintain a peaceful and positive environment, please note:

  • Be mindful. The intention here is to respect everyone’s practice and keep everyone focused. Noisily entering the room, talking, whispering etc disrupts the practice of others;
  • Studio doors are not soundproof so please do not stand outside them chatting. It has the same impact as chatting inside the studio i.e. disrupts and disturbs the practice of others;
  • You are most welcome to turn up anytime, there is no need to book.
    Please be aware that the offering is a Yoga Class and not a workshop, Yoga course, introductory, or 121 session i.e. the teacher is focused on facilitating a group practice. However ‘outside of class’ you will find the teacher to be more than generous with their time and energy when it comes to discussing your individual requirements and concerns;
  • Classes start on time. Consider being prompt as an integral part of the practice. The doors will be opened for personal and quiet preparation 30 minutes before the scheduled class time. If arriving late, as will occasionally happen, before entering the room be prepared to settle quickly and quietly;
  • I encourage you, in the true spirit and tradition of yoga, to start your practice as you walk into the room. I ask that you enter the room in silence and begin preparatory meditation and/or stretching. By doing this we avoid disturbing others concentration/meditation;
  • Please sign the class register;
  • If you do need to leave early please do so quietly and quickly;
  • Intermediate to Advanced Practitioners: Please respect and adhere to the class format so you don’t ‘throw off’ other students (otherwise position yourself at the back). The instructor will provide the opportunity to take more advanced variations when appropriate. On the flip side, beginners, if you find something particularly difficult I encourage you to adapt and adjust as you feel appropriate;
  • Respect the shared space. During the session only have close to hand the things you need. Handbags, coats, shoes, everything else, should be kept far away from the practice area (ideally at the back of the room). Do not leave your belongings within the practice space of others;
  • Please avoid taking classes while you are sick. This prevents your fellow practitioners becoming sick as well;
  • Focus on your practice. Please avoid advising and encouraging others as all too often, whilst being well intended, this disturbs the energy, flow, and focus of the entire class;
  • Please keep your towels and water bottles within your own space;
  • Wear appropriate clothing (shorts or leggings with a suitable lightweight top). If you are wearing baggy shorts please make sure you are wearing an inner lining of some description;
  • It is recommended that you refrain from eating a full meal 2-3 hours prior to class and to drink plenty of water;
  • If you are a beginner, I advise that you position yourself in the middle or back rows so that you can observe the more experienced students in the front rows;
  • Please do not adjust, switch on/off the heaters or change the thermostat. Please do not open windows or doors during the class. The instructor will see to such things to balance the requirements of everybody;
  • Please turn off your cell phones and pagers upon arrival. A ringing or vibrating phone during practice will ‘disrupt and grate’ on people;
  • Please do not wear perfume or any scent. Thirty or more people sweating in a closed space is less odorous than thirty or more people all wearing different brands of perfume. Also, people with allergies can be very sensitive to perfumes;
  • ‘Savasana’ or ‘final relaxation’ is a very important part of your Yoga practice and is part of class time. I encourage you to incorporate this time into your schedule;
  • Open/Close the studio door mindfully;
  • Please do not bring glass bottles or bottles that make excessive noise when screwing/unscrewing the bottle top;
  • Be mindful. Keys and jewellery can, and often do, make noise;
  • If you have to go to the bathroom during the class do your best to avoid disturbing others;
  • It may take you a while to build the stamina required to participate in the whole session so rest whenever you need to. Rest is a part of the practice, even the most experienced practitioners take time out. Rest regulates our nervous system and allows us to absorb the benefits of the practice;
  • If you come to class well-hydrated, you will not need to drink a lot of water during class. Also ensure you rehydrate after practicing;
  • As you leave your mat, keep your peace as long as possible. At the end of class, refrain from jumping up and preparing for sudden impact with the outside world. Do not brace for collision with the stress of the outside world;
    instead, keep your heart open as long as possible. Rather than letting others affect you with their stress you can affect them with your calmness.

Let the moving waters calm down, and the sun and moon will be reflected on the surface of your being.

Namaste 🙏

Gregory is always available to answer any questions you may have and assist you with your yoga practice…