I have had the distinct pleasure of being a student of Gregory, an extraordinary yoga teacher whose approach transcends traditional methods. Gregory’s style is profoundly rooted in the acceptance of individual limitations, guiding each student on a personalised journey to becoming a more seasoned practitioner. His emphasis on rigour and consistency fosters a deep sense of discipline and dedication. With extensive experience and wisdom, Gregory prioritises the principles of yoga over mere execution, allowing for a meaningful and transformative practice. Gregory's focus on the journey rather than the destination leaves me feeling energised and renewed after every session. His teachings continuously reveal new dimensions of yoga, expanding my understanding and appreciation of this ancient practice. I wholeheartedly recommend Gregory to anyone seeking a profound and enriching yoga experience led by a truly exceptional instructor.

Serge Santos

I look forward to every class and always feel brilliant after. Greg puts so much thought and care into every detail with a holistic approach delivering incredible mental and physical benefits. Greg is an amazing teacher who is so positive and encouraging, whatever level of experience you have. It’s not an exaggeration to say his classes have changed my life for the better. Thank you.

Dianne Smith

Yoga with Greg is like no other. He works with the body, mind, and spirit. You will not be disappointed. He works with something higher and you will feel that in his sessions. I always come away wanting more! His loving kindness knows no bounds! I cant recommend him enough.

Kizzi Johannessen

Greg is simply wonderful, an inspiring Yoga teacher and incredibly gifted human being. I have had the pleasure of attending his classes over the last couple of years and never fail to learn something new in every class. I highly recommend Greg!

Polly Thatcher

It's rare to find someone who actually lives and breaths the yoga way of life, as Greg does. That authenticity beams through not only in his classes, but in his newsletters where he shares his wonderful mind with us. Sharing his own Veda, sharing sankrit meanings, what he's learnt, read, listened to that month, that have been meaningful and inspiring for him. That he is thinking of his students each time he learns something himself, that he puts so much thought and effort into his offerings, to me is what makes him one in a million. I have been going to Greg's classes 10+ years, he is an incredible teacher and story teller. I always feel like I've learnt something more than postures when I leave one of his classes. Also, his online classes are varied in time/flow/dynamics/slow and restful/meditation/fitness/teaching/mantras and more. It is so easy to use and lovely to know I'll be able to do one of his online classes from anywhere in the world?

Brioni Flood

Gregory is an inspiring teacher. He creates a safe space and the ability for you to practice and grow at your own pace with his expert supervision. I've attended many classes and workshops and his expertise, passion, and kindness mark him out as an exceptional teacher who to me epitomises the best of holistic yoga practices.

Emily Wells-Cole

I have been attending Gregory Angell’s classes for over 5 years and have benefited in so many ways, my health and fitness has improved, and my balance, flexibility, and energy levels have completely transformed. I have learnt to breathe properly, relax, and stay grounded. Greg is an exceptional teacher, facilitator, and a great coach. But above all Gregory has empowered me to understand that yoga isn’t just another exercise class, it’s a way of life.

Cristian Sollesse

Greg’s Yoga classes are totally unique. They have the ‘Wow’ factor and I highly recommend going to them. He has a vast amount of knowledge and experience that he loves sharing with everyone. I am now so excited to gain more knowledge and experience as I have enrolled on his teacher training course. What an inspirational chap. Thank you Greg.

Fiona James

I have been to Greg's classes for about 5 years and I wouldn't miss them for the world. Greg is an authentic teacher, who puts so much time and energy into orchestrating a challenging yet considered practice for his students. The level of relaxation, of mind and body, after Greg’s class is like no other class I've attended.

Wai-Ching Man

Greg not only brings a wealth of experience but also has a true gift for sharing yoga teachings, allowing you to control how deeply you explore the poses. His classes are relaxed yet can be demanding if desired, and his commitment to providing a quality experience is commendable. Greg is the best teacher I have encountered in my experience.

Magda Handem

Greg’s classes have been life changing for me. His authentic approach, kindness and knowledge is truly inspiring. Every time I have been to Greg’s class I feel the benefits physically, mentally and emotionally. My strength and flexibility is what it is purely down to Greg’s classes which are a perfect blend of calm and energetic. You have to experience yoga with Greg and I cannot recommend his classes highly enough.

Dawn Woodroffe

Gregory is the most inspirational yoga teacher! His dedication to all of us is second to none. His passion for yoga is infectious. Always a must in my life now. I love the class structure and how strong I feel physically and mentally afterwards. Everyone should try his classes. Thanks for bringing Yoga into my life Gregory.

Natalie Taylor

An inspirational and empathetic teacher, who takes time to explain carefully and allows everyone to do their individual best.

Yo Green

Greg Angell is a fantastic yoga instructor. His dedication and love for yoga is simply inspiring. I would recommend him to everyone. I absolutely love going to his classes. Whenever in Greg’s class I feel like I’m in India!

Anuradha Biswas

I have been attending Greg’s yoga classes for 9 years. I have also attended retreats in India, Nepal, Sri Lanka and Italy. Without doubt Greg is the most knowledgeable, exceptional, inspirational and complete yoga teacher I have experienced. He has changed my life in mind, body and soul. I always leave his class feeling a warm glow of goodness plus a complete mind and body workout. I totally recommend Greg to the complete beginner up to the very experienced yoga practitioner.

Alan Flavell

I can't rate Gregory Angell highly enough, his classes are inspiring, challenging and so spiritual. The benefits you get from his classes are exceptional whether you are a seasoned yogi or a novice, there is no other teacher quite like Greg. His classes have brought me so much joy and his weekly classes are an absolute must for me.

Claire Murton

Gregory is the kind of yoga teacher who makes every class feel like a transformative journey. His energy and enthusiasm are contagious, and he shares the traditions of yoga with genuine respect and joy. His vast knowledge ensures that students benefit immensely and feel secure in their practice, always leaving class revitalised in body and soul. Every practice with Gregory is a super-charged masterclass. With varied posture sequences, precise attention to alignment and breath, yogic philosophy and great tunes, you'll float away feeling calm and shining like the sun. Gregory is the Yoda of yoga, wise, insightful, and full of heart.

Mavis Dede

I have been attending Gregory's classes for over a year and I can say that Gregory's classes have me truly hooked on yoga. I spent many years toying with the idea of starting yoga classes and eventually took the leap a few years ago. I attended various different classes which did not captivate me to make it a fixture in my life. I found Gregory's classes different, a much more holistic experience, focusing not just on the movements of yoga. His instructions are clear and well timed and the classes are enjoyable and not rushed, you never feel like it's just a lesson on a timetable. I would highly recommend Gregory's yoga class to anyone at any level.

Tom West

I have been practicing yoga in Greg's classes for a number of years and can say the benefits are truly plentiful. Greg focusses on the practical, physical and mental aspects, but what really is the game changer is how Greg brings all this together in order to balance ones wellbeing. The practice with Greg is really enlightening and focusses on much more than the ability to perform the asanas, and allows you to search deep within oneself to find true calm and reflection. Progressing strength and flexibility is a side bonus. I can highly recommend practice with Greg, it will definitely inspire you to push yourself.


I first went to one of Greg’s yoga classes 8 years ago, I found it both dynamic and exciting. It was clear to me that his knowledge of yoga went way beyond just the exercise element of the art. As a practicing Judoka I found that regularly attending Greg’s classes greatly increased my strength, flexibility, and movement, which led to an improvement in my Judo. I would highly recommend taking up yoga classes with Gregory Angell.

Mark Ramsier

I am a 61 and have been attending Gregs amazing yoga classes for nearly 7 years. In my opinion he is the complete professional. He structures his classes so well and runs them in a relaxed but confident manner. I have absolutely no hesitation in giving him the highest recommendation and am happy to thank him publicly.

Nick Blair

I have been doing Greg's classes for nearly 10 years. I cannot recommend him highly enough. Greg is the consummate professional, always fully prepared before class and offering a whole range of yoga practices to suit all abilities.

Clive Phillips

I just wanted to say thank you for a lovely class this morning. I have felt full of energy since the class and this is something I haven't felt in a very very long time. I haven’t even felt the need to have my second coffee of the day!

Sarah Dalton

You have made such a difference to my well being since I started your classes. You give so much and I am so happy to have found you.

Ursula Hageli

Many thanks for sharing your knowledge, kindness and generosity with me and other yogis. I’ve always admired how much attention and detail you put into your newsletters, and thought that you must be a great teacher. I was not wrong. I enjoyed my first class with you last Friday and felt so good. I am a Buddhist myself and my first impression of your class was that of stepping into a temple where I feel such serenity and peace.

Thank you for empowering me and others with the knowledge of this beautiful practice. I have found out so much from you about the meaning of yoga as a philosophy and practice.

Saranzaya Manalsuren

I just want to say how much I enjoy your classes. Physically, they’re amazing. Emotionally and energetically they’re so uplifting and expansive. Thank you.

Alexis Lane

I could gush for ever about how fantastic Greg’s classes are. The benefits I’ve experienced are nothing short of transformational on a physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual level. I wouldn’t have believed it if someone told me,
which is why you should try it for yourself.

Dianne Smith

A very big thank you for yesterday’s workshop. Truely an amazing time. I experienced many new aspects of a yoga practice. It was fantastic. I have never attended a workshop like this. All the emails you sent prior to the evening prepared me immensely. I learnt a lot from your words and experience. I have been one of those people who have taken the postures as the most important part of my practice. However I have learnt the importance of the breathing aspect more and more in recent times. The chanting and meditation is something I am open to, but need to practice this more as I find them challenging. So to hear you say you also found this in the beginning was very refreshing and reassuring. Thank you again Greg for giving me an amazing yoga experience, which I was able to take away with me.

Audrey English

Thank you for today’s class, it was amazing. I came out feeling like a completely different person. It was transformational. The playlist was amazing too!

Waiching Man

Wow!!! Today’s workshop was absolutely Amazing. I just loved it. Fell asleep a few times, I can tell you! Felt emotional too with your lovely music. I enjoy your classes so much. They are so very unique. I think that is why I have always enjoyed them so much.

Sally Pearson

Huge thanks for all the wonderful classes I’ve been to this year, I find your classes incredibly inspiring, creative, challenging and absolutely fulfilling in every sense. I find they compliment my meditation practice really well and offer a totally different dimension.

Polly Thatcher

I stumbled into this class by chance. During the first session Greg said something like 'without discipline and commitment nothing is ever going to improve' which must have resonated somewhere within me. So I made a commitment to myself to attend regularly. Five years later I’m still here and loving every class.

I still can't do every pose and can't balance on my left leg, but who cares. Greg has taught me that it's not about what you can't do, it's about focusing on what you can do.

It's my time. Time to be quiet and still, to stop and listen. I've benefited so much from the sessions and am so glad I made that commitment to stick with it.

I have learned so much and am very grateful to Greg for his continued encouragement and professionalism.

Alex Dodge

My yoga journey has been an incredibly subtle but transformative one. Fifteen years ago I nearly lost my life from a serious respiratory infection. Whilst in recovery I was traveling in South East Asia and decided to take up yoga. The teacher mentioned that he’d been a chronic asthmatic and had managed to greatly improve his breathing through yoga. I was sceptical as a family member had lost their life from an asthma attack. I was willing to try anything because I’d been so ill; completely incapacitated to the extent of ending up in a wheelchair. I now know how much my body needed yoga. My journey has made me aware of the importance of emotional, mental and physical balance in order to lead a more healthy, contented and spiritual existence. Because of your holistic approach, attending your classes has been the best part of this journey. All I can say is a HUGE thank you and I look forward to continuing with my lifelong yoga journey.

Kalpana Majithia

I would like to say how much I enjoy your classes. I have been practicing yoga for a long time now. I started in the early 70’s with Richard Hittleman (on tv). I have loved yoga ever since. In all these years I have attended so many yoga classes, none as inspiring as yours. I have gained such strength/flexibility and leave each class calm and grounded. Thank you.

Sue Maguire

I was resistant about yoga for a while. I found it quite difficult because my skeletal system was out of balance. I then found Greg Angell! He is the most amazing yoga teacher for many reasons. His classes are about so much more than yoga postures! He takes time to prepare e.g. Plans beautiful music, prepares the room well in advance of class, and shares powerful wisdom and philosophy to make you think about what's important in life. He will always encourage you to listen to what your body is telling you, not to push yourself, as we are all unique. Every week is different! I now recognise the power of yoga and why it is so important. I love Greg’s classes, it makes my membership at Nirvana Spa so worthwhile. My health has improved so much. Despite the class challenging me, I know it’s a must in my weekly schedule. I would highly recommend Greg’s classes! His standard of class and teaching is a cut above because of the time, effort and dedication he puts into them. Thank you Greg for being an amazing yoga teacher! Namaste!

Karen Marshall

I attended Greg's classes sporadically before my son Nye died. I really enjoyed them and felt I had had the best possible introduction to Yoga. Nye's death (a traumatic accident) sent me into shock, followed by such physical and mental pain I was struggling to breathe. Greg reached out when the time was right, he helped to ease me back into my Yoga saddle. He has gifted me with a very precious tool kit for surviving child loss. You should read that sentence again, it's a massive statement! I've practised in my own way for the past 4 years and included little rituals that literally carry me and my wonky heart through the relentless cycles and squiggles of grief. He has kindly (as is his way) gifted me his online classes and they are MAGNIFICENT and I'm using the full weight of the word. I urge you to give it a go, whether you're a seasoned Yogi or a novice, his way of teaching is gentle, enlightening, supportive, and encouraging. Just do it, please. It might just change your life, it did mine. Thank you Gregory Angell ... forever grateful.

Deborah Malone-Newman

The online experience is so slick! Excellent, professional, humble, dynamic.. dead good. Well done you.

Deborah Malone-Newman

Thank you so much for your openness and willingness to let us, your yoga students, ride on your waves of discovery for physical, mental and emotional well being.

Gabi McKeown

I’ve just completed my first online session with you. Oh my goodness, I have missed everything about the way you teach. I thought I would just do my ‘own thing’ during lockdown. Oh dear.......

I’m glad to have reconnected with your great encouragement and support.

Anne Thomas

I am so pleased I was told about your online classes. When I log onto a class I feel as if I am going into my calm space. It is wonderful. The combination of both energetic and more relaxing sessions, also the invaluable tutorials that give the chance to focus on the detail of a particular movement or posture. And I appreciate how I can choose a short 20 minute practice, or lose myself in a 90 minute one. Thank you for putting together such a well thought out programme of online yoga. The quotes and wise words you share with us are inspiring too!

Rachel Garnett

I was only saying recently that you are the only teacher I have met that takes time to explain all the finer details. It makes the postures so much more accessible and enhances all of the benefits. I think all of us who have been following your sessions throughout lockdown will be in far better shape for the experience. So thank you.

Maureen Mills

I have taken part in your classes for more than 4 years. I felt stiff and unconnected at the beginning but didn’t give up. Then lockdown changed my routine and I prioritised many other tasks, forgetting all about the huge benefits of my yoga practice. Now I have joined your online class and can only ask myself: Why didn’t I join straight away? Thank you for your excellent guidance. I feel relaxed and refreshed and finally I can let go of my worries 🙏👍💓

Gabi McKeown

I feel we’re privileged to be enjoying the practice of guided yoga by a dedicated practitioner in the comfort of our own homes especially during these challenging times. Without these I know that I’d have struggled to cope.

Kalpana Majithia

Thank you. Your online sessions are a joy.

Sue Bradley

The online sessions are all amazing! So pleased!

Kathryn Wakefield

Thank you so much for the time, knowledge and experience your pouring into Yoga Online. It is really appreciated. Love being guided by you.

Lisa Hewitt

Absolutely loved yesterday’s online session of gentle yang.

Kalpana Majithia

I wanted to say I’m really loving the online yoga classes. I am especially enjoying the variety and the articles to read alongside. It’s always changing, but yoga is bringing me a lot of comfort at the moment and it has become such an important part of my self-care. The music you sent me is awesome, I think I will use it a lot and my 7-year old son loves the yang music. He has been doing sun salutations too. Anyway, from my heart thank you,

Lizzie Faulkner

Today, after a month of practice with your classes, I started to feel I was making some progress, mentally and physically and with my breathing. So thank you.

John Hobson

Thanks again for the generosity you are showing through your online classes, tutorials and articles.

Donna Nind

Thank you so much for all your time in putting together your online yoga sessions. It is just like being back in class with you all.

Jeanne Butcher

I really appreciate your effort to provide us with such excellent sessions.

Ioannis Mallas

Keep up the amazing work. It’s been so easy and seamless and freeing to be able to attend classes online during these strange times.

Liz Corner

As I've said before, I'm really enjoying your online classes and gaining a lot. The difference I find with your classes compared to the other teachers I have tried since you is the way you combine the physical with the mental and spiritual. I've actually noticed my blood pressure is lower since I restarted your practice!

John Hobson

I just wanted to say thank you for being so generous with your online classes, tutorials, and articles.

Heather Billington

The online classes are a great idea! I used to be able to do only one class a week, now i have the chance to do yoga at least two times a week!

Barbara Baily

Hope you are well, for someone who was too self conscious to come to your classes having the opportunity to do them at home in my own space is amazing. I feel really refreshed. Thank you.

Rachael Green

The online class are great. I already feel looser, so really happy so far. An affordable, adaptable service, personalised to feedback!

Toby Saunders

I have two young children and am not particularly local to your class location. The online classes have not only enabled me to practice more at a time that fits around family life but also my confidence in yoga has grown. I have gained so much from the online sessions so a huge thank you from me.

Cathryn Bishop

Brilliant 45 minute online class Greg, best one yet. You got it right, I felt like I had done a workout, felt grounded and peaceful and ready for the day ahead.

So thank you.

Claire Anderson

I value your teaching so much. There’s not another like you. Your classes always enable me to find my practice, my way, as opposed to conforming, doing it right. It’s liberating. And truly, thank you for making it so affordable.

Rachel Deadman

I'm really loving having your classes available online, they keep me sane, thank you! Keep up the great work.

Julie-Ann Muir

Thank you so much, I am really enjoying your online sessions. I have two little children, so it has always been difficult to attend your classes but with the flexibility of doing them from home I am able to practice everyday.

Poornima Jawahar

I just wanted to say that this one was amazing. I am not as supple as I thought I was! Thank you for the ongoing support and tutorials.

Kate Raymond

Thank you so much for the online classes. You were right it has been made so beautifully simple to access them.

Gill Cheesman

I loved the online classes. A good balance of guidance for beginners and still being suitable for more experienced practitioners. I thought the production values were good. I enjoyed the setting, framed by the sculptures, some of which I remember from your classes. In short it was excellent and I'm so glad you have taken this step.

John Hobson

I can’t tell you how wonderful it is to see and hear you again. Please keep up the good work. Your online classes are a life saver for me. thank you.

Alison Roberts

I attended the yoga online session and enjoyed it. The peace of it, clear instructions and sound was great.

Humeyra Koc Bhatti

For a first class online I thought it was brilliant! I found the class ran smoothly, was well paced and I felt like I was in the room. Honestly it was like a live class, even a private lesson. Well done Greg!

Laura Hartong

Hi Greg, The combination of yoga classes, tutorials, and the deeper insight into the philosophical side of yoga is truly inspiring. During this particularly difficult time your online offering is bringing the value of humanity to the forefront

Kalpana Majithia

Downloaded your 'Power Hour' video last night and did it this morning. It's brilliant! I've really missed your classes since moving away but it was like you were in the room with me. Loved the sequence of different postures and appreciated your guidance - it was always well timed and reminded me how to hold my body correctly. Some of them felt challenging but I know with practice I'll feel progress. For now it was just wonderful to get back into yoga with an instructor I trust. The quality of production was excellent and I loved the soundtrack too. I feel ready to start my day, thank you!

Kite Griffiths

I can't recommend Greg Angell yoga highly enough. I have been doing Greg's unique classes for over 2 years now, starting as a complete novice but feeling the benefits in fitness, flexibility and mindfulness immediately. Greg is highly professional and dedicated to his work. Try it even if you have never done yoga before!

Clive Phillips

Greg's classes have been part of my life for a while now and I am all the better for them both physically and mentally. There is nothing pretentious about them (massive plus for me), you work at your own pace and ability and you leave feeling ready to handle whatever the world throws at you. The cost is really reasonable, the class age mixed and the music is great. Unlike other sports all you need is a mat (and even they are provided if needed!). Best 1 1/2 hours of 'you time' out there.

Deborah Dillon

Greg is a unique and gifted teacher and attending his classes allows you to experience yoga both as a physical and spiritual practice. It is a privilege but also a commitment. As a runner I have found myself less injury prone and more resilient to both my sport and my life in general. Greg makes you feel welcome and there is always a great feeling in his classes. I for one would highly recommend these classes and while there are lots of alternatives in the local area with far more classes, he is the real deal.

Amanda Morwood

Greg, You were my first yoga teacher and made my introduction to the practice very welcoming. There was no anxiety at all about ‘not being able to do it’ .... as that it is not what it’s all about. Your classes are fabulous: thoughtful, dynamic, proper workouts without being in anyway intimidating. I especially like the sound tracks! You remain my favourite yogic guide.

Fiona Conoley

I have been attending Greg’s classes now for over a year. I originally started going to help with my back pain as I broke my back in 1995 and had been suffering. Having had physio and cortisone injections to try and help, I can say without a shadow of a doubt that Greg’s classes have helped ease my back to the point that the pain has almost completely gone. Being a physical training instructor myself, I do try to push myself and during the yang classes I find it a real all over workout. Practising Yoga, I have found myself less injury prone and more robust in my work. Greg’s classes have made me realise how beneficial Yoga is, not only physically but also mentally and spiritually. The style of classes Greg takes, the atmosphere set and his choice of music, have all inspired me to go to Bali for a month to do a Yoga course. Thank you Greg for helping my back problem and enlightening me to the world of Yoga.

Dean Alexander

Greg is truly an amazing teacher in every way. His classes combine a fantastic workout , fabulous music, poignant stories and sayings, relaxation, fun, meditation and a touch of Gregory magic! I’ve been to many classes over the years and you will be pushed to find another like him. He is the combination of passion, belief and love for his discipline. Try his classes and you will feel the same!

Lisa Tomlinson

My husband and I have attended Gregory's classes for the best part of 10 years now. He is a total inspiration and his classes are so much more than doing a bunch of postures. You leave feeling as though your entire being has been refreshed and renewed. His classes are completely different to anything else I have ever experienced since I started attending yoga classes 20 years ago. Thank you for all you do Greg 🙏

Tonia Robertson

Gregory is an absolute inspiration for me. I started some 4 years ago as a complete novice, just giving yoga a go. Greg has inspired me, and I’m sure everyone in his classes, to love all there is about yoga. He is a magical teacher, wonderful calmness in every class, give yoga a go, you may be surprised that you need to do little else to stay fit in mind and body.

Alan Flavell

Greg's yoga classes have really improved my strength and flexibility. I tried yoga to improve core strength and to help with a lower back injury. It really works! I've been attending regularly and there’s been no recurrence of back issues. I'm more flexible and feel so much better in mind and body. The classes are a good mix of calm and more energetic styles. You're never under any pressure to be perfect and are encouraged to just to go with whatever you can do in the moment. You'll even get some wise words during the cool down. Beginners always seem to return the next week. Would definitely recommend.

Phil Belcher

Just wanted to say a huge ‘Thank You’ for your brilliant classes. I know for sure that I wouldn’t be where I am today with my dodgy knee if I hadn’t been introduced to Yoga with you. Your encouragement and support, without you probably realising it, has been an enormous part of my rehab. Looking forward to many more Wednesdays on the Mat in 2020.

Claire Cantwell

Coming from India I have been brought up with the philosophy and traditions of yoga. I am so impressed with the level of yoga you are teaching us, it is pure Bhakti. May the lord bless you.

Sucheta Mullick

I absolutely love your classes and can honestly say they have changed my life and I know that I am not alone in that thought.

Clare Venters Smith

I discovered your classes 4 years ago and have only missed a few due to sickness/holidays. They have become a very important part of my life and I really don't want to consider not attending them. What you do you do so wonderfully well and like no other. I'm sure I'm not alone with these sentiments.

Alison Roberts

Fabulous class last night. First time doing Yin Yoga and exactly what I needed.

Nicola Snell

Morning Greg, Thank you so much for a wonderful class last night. Just what the Dr ordered!!

Claire Cantwell

Thank you for facilitating the practice last night. Tracy and I had a great time and it was nice to meet with you and Kate after hearing so many positive things about you over many years.

Ian Calder

Hi Greg, loved your class last night. See you next week.

Susie Edmondes

After seeing the commitment you have to your students and the number of people you must have helped over the years, I've decided I'm way too young and able-bodied not to do something outward facing for others. I just wanted to say the difference Yoga has made to my life is indescribable. You've got a place in my heart that is eternal.

Tessa Gallant

Your classes have been truly enlightening. I have never been able to relax so completely in 60 years.

Christian Sollesse

I just wanted you to understand that coming to your classes has made a huge difference to the way I think and feel about my health, my life and what’s important. The yoga and the philosophy has both challenged and helped me, and I need to do more of it and put myself first.

Debbie Callan

Greg, I want to say how great your yoga sessions are and that I highly recommend them to everybody. You create such a magical atmosphere in the room with incense, candles, ornaments, beautiful music, inspirational messages, and engaging yoga movements. The sessions take my mind, body, and spirit into a peaceful dimension. Thanks Greg for your dedication and for sharing your passion for yoga. I feel lucky and blessed to be part of your classes.

Eliana Pérez

After sustaining a whiplash injury in January 2011, my left shoulder muscles were damaged and my right shoulder became very tense. For seven years I've been trying to release the tension in my right shoulder. Today, in your Yoga class, the tension went! It was a brilliant feeling!

I thank you for all your encouraging Yoga sessions that have finally enabled my shoulder to release, along with all the other benefits!

Jenny Needham

Your classes are still at the pinnacle of my Yoga experiences. Sadly tried a dozen other classes and instructors and simply unable to fill the Angell’s shoes!

Jimmy Sykes

After my first session with you I left feeling the most amazing sense of wellbeing. Not sure why, as I certainly couldn’t do everything, but regardless it was an incredible feeling and it lasted. I’ve also had a go of one of your DVDs which I really enjoyed and I shall keep it up.

Kim Mernagh

So excited about your new class in Tilford, I’ve missed them. Other classes don’t match the awesomeness of yours!

Chris Palmer

The trial session has been more popular that I could ever have imagined. I’ve had people I don’t even know coming up and asking if they can join the next session. I honestly cannot believe how popular it is, I’ve had to turn people down as the next classes are already full!

Lisa Kelly

Over the last 6 years I’ve periodically come to your classes. I noticed such a shift in your energy, difficult to verbalise! It’s been a couple of years since I last joined you and your yoga was amazing back then. Though the shift in energy I witnessed in you this time around has taken it to another level! You’ve transformed.

Something that can only come from a conscious effort to serve others, and more importantly yourself. Hope you don’t mind me sharing, just want you to know it’s visible and beautiful! Have a great Sunday! ?

Jean Wright

Hello Greg, I just wanted to say thank you for your lovely yoga classes. Your encouragement and professionalism, combined with always ensuring the environment is perfect, makes for a wonderful experience.

Alex Tompkins

You are an amazing teacher! I am a 62 year old woman with a bolt in her hip due to arthritis, which restricts movement in that area. Through your encouragement and guidance I persevered with your classes and have found that the restriction has eased enormously. I have never attended a Yoga class so profound and beneficial for the body, mind, and soul. Thank you!

Jacqueline Sherville

As a judo black belt I first attended one of your yoga classes in April 2016 and I was amazed how dynamic and rewarding it was. I continued to attend every week and noticed my flexibility improved greatly. This is now improving my judo as I have a wider and deeper range of movement, especially with throwing techniques. I would recommend to anyone who practices a martial art to consider attending your yoga classes. Many thanks

Mark Ramsier

Gregory, you are the best yoga teacher I’ve known. I have my alarm set every week to remind me to book into your class. Otherwise I run the risk of loosing my place, and I would not forgive myself if this happened!

Andrea De Castro Araujo

Now I know why Sunday’s Yoga class is always fully booked!!! Because you are the teacher!!! You are the best teacher ever... thank you so much for your wonderful classes. Namaste ????‍♀️?‍♀️?‍♀️

Dea Bernstein

Thank you ?

There is a quality about your classes that is immeasurable and invaluable. Words can’t convey. It’s a blessing to be able to enjoy them.

Emma Twisted

Loved the class today, thanks! It made me realise how much I miss being there live and feeling relaxed, inspired, and connected. Your classes always seem to set something in motion emotionally, energetically, as well as physically. Magical indeed. As I said, I might just move back here in a few years and you better still be teaching! ?

Laura Lommers

Another fantastic class today with lovely music, chanting, and stories ?

Malika Don

Honestly I thought it was such an amazing class and you are very skilled at chanting. It was an unexpected surprise and so pleasant. I hope to see you next Friday.

Kathryn Mary Carney

I find your classes ‘moving’! You made me love yoga after one class.

Malika Don

Since starting to practise Yoga in January of this year, I very quickly came to regret that I had not begun practising much earlier in my life, rather than leaving it until my late fifties to do so.

Although I found it challenging at first, I soon realised that it was within this perpetual state of challenge that the benefits of practising Yoga are found. It was the ‘counterintuitive’ revelation that applying varying degrees of discomfort to my body as I attempted some of the infinite variety of poses to be discovered in practising Yoga, that I actually freed up years inactivity in many parts of my body. Physical dormancy that I had allowed to settle into the sedentary state of perceived comfort brought on by my western life style.

I soon began to feel not only physical benefits, of which there were many, but also emotional ones as well. These began to form a virtuous circle, where the better I felt the more I wanted to practise, the more I practised the better I felt. We are all experiencing change whether we like it or not as we travel through life and now for me Yoga will help me direct that natural change for my benefit, rather than to my detriment.

Stephen Price

Hi Greg, We've been in Spain where we have been using your yang DVD to practise. Much to my amazement Phill absolutely loves it and has decided to come to your classes - next week (I'm not sure how I feel about that?!).

While we were in Spain a friend from Perth (the Scottish one) also came and did the yang DVD class with us and (once she had more or less returned to her natural colour) said she enjoyed it and would like to buy both your DVDs.

Thank you!

Alison Wilde

Today was only my third Yin class with you and, although I am doing some Yoga at home along with your classes, I cannot believe the improvement in just four months of Yoga practice. I am much more comfortable in the poses which were agony at first!

Katy Saviour

Your classes are the 'sweet spot' of my week - every class has a different energy and I learn something new on the mat at every session. My heart felt thanks for your excellent teaching.

Suzy Bujakowski

Yoga incorporates discipline, restraint, control, boundaries, balance and self-awareness that so many other approaches to exercise lack.

Aesthetically I put yoga right up there with the great movement arts like ballet, it’s beautifully graceful (even though one might feel a bit lumbering at times ?).

In short, everyone should be able to feel this good. Freeing themselves from the mental and physical restrictions of the ‘Western Symptoms Management Model’ and discovering, listening and fine tuning their own bodies and minds, making their own choices, in their own time, for true health.

I feel humbled to have found yoga. Thank you for teaching. Your class is welcoming, energising and insightful. You’re one of the best educators I’ve ever come across.

Tessa Gallant

I felt amazing after the one to one yin yoga session we had last Saturday. I can’t believe I am actually pain free again after just one session. It’s incredible thank you so much. I’ve finally realised that the only way to prevent injuries and remain pain free is to practice yoga regularly.

Suzanne Smedley

Thank you for your brutally wonderful yoga class today!

Helen Reeves

When I joined the ‘Couch to 5K’ local group at the beginning of January they all told me you're never too old to run (I'm nearly 63!!). They appear to be right, although at week 5 my lower back and knees were really beginning to feel the pain. Someone in the running group recommended Gregory Angell and so I managed to make my first yoga class last Tuesday morning. I cannot believe it's taken me so long to find yoga again!

Over the years I've done many yoga classes, some ok, some rushed, some too crowded. Gregory's class was something else – a yoga class like no other I have ever experienced! Committing to just one of his sessions will have you hooked. My lower back pain has gone and I'm confident that the strengthening effects of yoga will help not only my knees but probably every muscle in my body. It might even be good for my mind!!

I've already recommended you to everyone else in the running group as they will need this at some stage. There is only one thing to say – thank you.

Ani Hunter

I don’t know whether I’m walking on air or completely knackered! A bit of both I think. So, Yin Yoga was a revelation! I never expected something so still, so non dynamic, would appeal to me, or challenge me, so much! I am constantly having to reassess my misconceptions. Just wanted to say thank you for such a great class.

Gemma Morgan

The energy of yesterday’s class was so intense I felt as if it touched my soul. It was THE best yoga experience I have ever had, very hard for me to put into words. Today, I feel as light as a feather, I can't tell you how amazing I feel. What a travesty it would be if you were sat behind a desk in an office, thank goodness you are sharing your light with the world - it's such a privilege to be on this yoga journey with you. Your yoga rocks!!

Emma Turton

Hello Greg, After one class I have instant relieve from my shoulder tension, amazing! I was surprised by how hard it was and how much energy was required but thoroughly enjoyed it.

Amie Ansell

A huge thank you for the yoga classes over the years. Your classes and you have been the inspiration for me to do Yoga Teacher Training in Goa.

Paul Hodgetts

Dear Gregory, Throughout the years I’ve been practicing yoga never have I come across a teacher like you. Your powerful presence coupled with the way you guide and suggest, rather than push and judge until I get it right, has been refreshing. It has enabled me to go deeper into my practice, far beyond merely executing a sequence of postures. I feel you embody the truth of your practice in a way that enables you to transmit deep wisdom and energy. Your classes make me laugh, cry, burst with energy, and always provide food for thought. I have experienced an opening in my body, mind, heart, and soul. Thank you for all the beautiful classes and inspiring me in so many ways (and your choice of music rocks!).

Laura Lommers

I have been coming to your yoga classes for a year now, I love yoga and it has made such a huge difference to my life. It has helped me in so many ways. I am a survivor of severe trauma and yoga has helped me connect and get back in my body. It has also helped me to live much more of my life in the wonderful present moment, rather than getting lost in memories and flashbacks from the past. This is something I have been trying to do for a long time, but yoga has really helped me put it into practise. I have tried other yoga classes in the past, but they have been just exercise classes really and your classes I feel offer so much more. Your classes work so well for me given my history and yoga has become a really important part of my healing so thank you.

Lizzie Faulkner

The physical benefits alone have been astounding.

Tessa Gallant

Thank you for your wonderful classes. What you give is most definitely beyond words.

Valerie Donnelly

I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed last nights yang yoga. I can't come to your classes nearly as much as I'd like to but I love every minute of them.

Laura Stapleton

In life we occasionally come across little gems that touch our souls beyond understanding. Your Yoga classes in my World, reaches, releases, and relaxes my mind, body, and soul. Thank you.

Lisa Churchill

Can't recommend Gregory Angell's Classes enough. His professionalism, knowledge, compassion, and deep practise is evident the minute you meet him. His classes are everything you'll ever need!

Deborah Malone-Newman

Dear Greg, Thank you for the wonderful and, at times, excruciating yoga sessions. Thank you for being there as I have been moving into a new phase in my life. I don’t know what the new phase is, but I feel it. I feel more myself somehow. Thank you for being a significant person in my transition. I can’t put into words why, but I feel it in my heart. Every time I catch myself thinking, ‘oh, I am going to miss Greg’s Yoga', I remind myself that things have a way of working out. I will go with the flow. Anyway keep in touch and keep me on your email list.

Alex Halliday

First and foremost I want to say that I thoroughly enjoy your class and look forward to it every week. I applause your inspirational approach. I am a neuromusculoskeletal physiotherapist and have been for over 25 years. I have also been practicing acupuncture for 20 years and teach Pilates.

I am not knowledgeable in yoga but I do know about bodies, especially my own. Due to you, your attitude, your knowledge and experience you have managed to inspire me to continue along my yoga journey for which I am very grateful.

Warmest wishes

Suzanne Ridgway

Hi Greg, I keep meaning to email you and now I have completed 12 classes with you it feels like the right time. I LOVE YOGA! After 12 classes I can see an improvement in my flexibility, strength and confidence. I don't mind admitting that I was a little daunted after my first class but urge new comers to relax and come back the following week! It is all about the personal journey, in friendly and non intimidating surroundings. I love the stories you tell.

Thank you for making it so enjoyable.

Emma March

I've been doing Yoga for probably 4 or 5 years on and off but I have never ever enjoyed it like I do in your classes, and have never felt so content in a class. I feel like I have finally started to understand Yoga for what it is and it has become a very important part of my life.

I go to other classes sometimes and they are fine, but they are never anywhere near as satisfying and relaxing (whilst being challenging) as your classes. I have told so many people how happy I am that I have finally found someone who can guide me in the ways of this magical practice and who I resonate with so much.

Thank you so much for guiding us so well and for being such an inspiration. I will find you wherever you are!

Chris Palmer

After 3 pregnancies (and bad posture) my back gave in. One day I (feeling sore) decided to take Gregory's class at my gym in February 2016 and after a year my life has changed. I no longer have the ongoing pain that I learned to live with. I have forgotten how it feels not to have pain on my lower back. Greg said, 'it's just the beginning' and yes every time I attend his class I feel that I am healing my back. One day after class I was in pain as I had pushed myself. I was doing so well, anyway the very next day my back felt amazing I do not know what happened. I must have unlocked something.

Gregory's classes are AMAZING, I love hearing the whispering of the new class participants saying of what amazing class Greg delivers. I think Greg's is a unique teacher and his classes are on another level to anything else I've encountered.

Rosa Melbourne

I really struggle with my mind wandering and not being able to stop thinking (in yoga and life in general!) and Greg's class last week totally changed that. The Sun Salutations took me into a semi-trance where my mind was totally in sync with my body. It wasn't at all a conscious process, I only realised afterwards that I had been in the most meditative place I've ever been, ever. My mind was totally clear and calm and I know because I didn't even realise it!

The other thing I felt after the class was total ‘openness’. It’s the best way I can describe it. It was both a physical and mental sensation as though my chest and heart were uplifted and open. I didn’t realise how ‘closed’ I must have been (stooped, shrunken etc – carrying all my stress in my shoulders, neck and chest) until the incredible openness I felt after Greg’s class. I felt 100 times lighter. Had no idea you could experience this sort of transformation after one class. Thank you Greg.

Helen Martin

Slept like a baby last night. Jumped out of bed like a kid this morning too!

Chris Palmer

Woke up this morning feeling like a million dollars. Thanks Greg, brilliant class.

Marco Arrigon

Greg’s yoga classes are the perfect answer to active meditation, I love his strong flow, the Yin is always the perfect aid to a good night’s sleep and he always educates the class about the body whilst we rest in the poses. I have learnt a lot from him from the importance of a healthy body and mind set and how to strive to achieve it.

Felicity Hayles

Elliot loved it. He said on Thursday it was the most calm he had felt in a long time! The effects lasted all night and all day!

Lucy Clements

I started your yoga classes nearly 2 months ago at Sindlesham (tall guy, age 53) as a way of recovering from a shoulder injury. My shoulder is now fine. I absolutely love your classes and have recently started to practice at home. Thank you so much for everything both body and mind!

Nick Blair

Dear Greg, Thank you for another magical class last night. My life has taken such a positive turn over the last 6 months and it's partly because I've been coming to your classes.

Laura Lommers

Hi Greg, Hope you are well. Just to let you know my hip is back to normal. It's crazy but those few stretches you gave me to do keep it pain free. Many thanks again.

Gary Atkins

To enjoy the benefits of a steady, strong and consistent hatha yoga practice is INEVITABLE. To find a steady, strong and consistent hatha yoga teacher – is ESSENTIAL. A good teacher of hatha yoga breathes life into this ancient practice, and inspires the yoga practitioner along the way. Gregory Angell is one of those exceptional teachers of hatha yoga.

Emma Twisted

I came to your weekend beginner session on Saturday and thought it was amazing. Thankyou!

Laura Stapleton

I'm so lucky to ever have discovered your sessions!

Naomi Amero

I grew up in Punjab, India. On a clear day, I could see the snow-filled Himalayas. In the winter time, when there was too much snow on the mountains, some sadhus/practitioners used come to the warmer weather in Punjab. My dad used to provide shelter, normally a flimsy looking handmade hut under a tree, for them and spend a lot of time with them. My dad used to say to me 'as you grow up find time to talk with these guys. Through Yoga they can teach you how to look after your body and mind'. I was young and did not take any note of what my dad said.

Now I am 68 years old and was hit with depression a few months back. My doctor advised me to seek ways to relax my mind and body. I decided to join Yoga and Tai Chi class. Gregory taught Yoga in one of the classes. I had practised Yoga before at home using a DVD and the teacher in the DVD says 'a DVD is not a replacement for Yoga teacher. You must seek one out'. At the end of my 1st Yoga class with Gregory I felt that I have found my teacher. Now, I look forward to Gregory’s Yoga class every Thursday morning.

Gregory is the best Yoga teacher that I have come across. Not only is he humble, sincere, generous and kind .... he knows what he is doing. He has changed my life through Yoga. I have got my life back. I wish I had acted upon my dad’s advice earlier in my life and started practicing Yoga. Anyway, it's never too late.

Gregory’s classes full every week. Everybody I speak to, they all 'love it'.

Joginder Nahil
Until attending your class I hadn't experienced the full benefits of yoga. I had completed a challenging gym class earlier that day and was feeling incredibly achy. After attending your class that evening my aches and pains were completely gone. If I had done this before now I would have saved myself from a lot of muscular pain. I'm adding elements of yoga to my cool downs from now on.
Lisa Hewitt
Gregory, please know how grateful I am for inspiring me to become a Yoga Teacher. I know I don't get to attend your classes as much as I'd like but always know that you are helping me!
Louise Graham
Greg my friend, absolutely LOVED the class this evening! Just felt completely 'home' thank you so much. Haven't felt like this since my Sivananda training! And Craig loved it too! Which is awesome seeing as he's never really been into yoga! Yay! Can't wait to make Thursday eve at Breathe a regular occurance. We'll be there next week if that's ok? Thanks again! I won't be able to walk tomorrow!
Kirsty Charlton
I cannot tell you how much benefit I get from the classes. As you know I started because of an ongoing back problem which has not bothered me since starting and the complete change in my calm is astonishing. Those close to me can't believe I've stuck at it, let alone look forward to it so much. Can't imagine life without yoga now. Obviously a very inspirational teacher!!
Tara Gifford
Hi Gregory, The difference Yoga is making to me is mind blowing. It's really awesome. Just wanted to say thank you!
Philippa Scott Edwards
I can honestly say the your classes make such a massive difference to my stressful life. I am always on a high for several days after attending. To be able to drop into a class such as yours has a powerful and constructive influence on my life. Many many thanks for being so awesome.
Jane Borley
I truly cannot thank you enough for being so warm and accommodating on Friday. I loved every second of the class! Invigorating and grounding at the same time. From the bottom of my heart, thank you. With peace and joy.
Nicole Schnackenberg
I visited Breathe Studios last night for the first time to do Gregory’s class. I have to say how utterly impressed I was with every element of your studio. It is beautifully styled and has a really great atmosphere. I was massively impressed with the class, Gregory is a unique teacher and I felt incredibly lifted after his session. I think you have created something really special here and I am so pleased to have experienced it. I am most definitely going to highly recommend you to my friends and family.
Felicity Hayles
Dear Gregory, Thank you for the beginners class I attended on Sunday. My first Yoga class (how can I be this old and have never done Yoga?). It was very challenging for me but very enjoyable, how is that possible? I became very aware of how out of touch with my body I have a become. Although tough I really liked the peaceful approach and individual attention you offered in the class.
Sally Grove
Iyenger said 'Calming of the mind is the goal of Yoga but in the beginning, to set things in motion, there is no substitute for sweat.' This completely captures the essence of your classes, beautiful flowing sequences intertwined with authentic dharma talk. You truly are an inspirational teacher. I always walk away from my mat with much more than a physical practice. You have taught me so much. I am a little overwhelmed by how generous you have been. I love your classes!
Naz Buckler (Yoga Teacher)
Hi Gregory, Just wanted to say how much I'm enjoying your classes. I always think people are quick enough to complain about things but not to give thanks and praise. I have done a lot of different forms of fitness over a long period of time and have only come across a handful of great inspiring teachers. I'm feeling lucky to have found another one for my yoga practise. Your classes are unique and addictive. Thank you.
Nicola Falconer
Hi Greg, I very much enjoyed and appreciated your beginners class. For a 'mature' person who has been sporty in the past and still goes to the gym occasionally, it was a good introduction and I enjoyed the clear instructions and the mood you created. I've been to another class since that was not as stimulating from a mood point of view and not clear on the instructions, so good feedback for you.
Chris Searle
Greg, Your classes are unique. I've never found another that delivers an experience to match yours. I'm so looking forward to returning soon.
Nicki Petch
Hello Greg, I just wanted to say thank you for encouraging me with yoga after my illness. After a 30 year gap without yoga, your classes enabled me to build up my strength again and to enjoy yoga as an older woman.
Annie Turner
I just wanted to "Thank You" greatly for a wonderful weekend of yoga ... i can tell my system has been crying out for it more consistently. Particularly today's session (Yin Yoga) has caused a shift in energy that i hope will continue to fuel a better balance within. I have certainly got a great deal out of the last 3 days so thank you again!
Natasha Beasley
Hi Gregory, Just wanted to say how much I enjoyed your yin yoga class, wasn't to boring after all! Must be the way you teach it!
Nicola Falconer
Gregory introduced me to Yoga. I had tried Yoga classes before of course, but not until Gregory's had I been exposed to the full, deeper experience (and benefits) that the tradition of yoga has to offer. He is truly authentic and unpretentious in his delivery, his passion for life and yoga shines through. It's not by accident that he is so fondly respected and has such a positive reputation. It's not by coincidence that his classes attract other high level yoga teachers to absorb and benefit from his energy. Like all good teachers he embodies his subject. Gregory guides you both physically and mentally during his classes, not only enabling his students to learn and progress, but also giving you the space and opportunity to build your own unique relationship with the wonderful practice of Yoga.
John Cann
I really enjoyed your class last night. It's very different to anything I have done before. Out of my comfort zone but that's not a bad thing!
Nicola Falconer
Greg, Myself and Nikki really enjoyed our first session and we both agreed that we couldn’t remember the last time we both felt so relaxed.
Reg Pierce (Royal Army Physical Training Corps)
You teach yoga with a passion and enthusiasm that I have not come across before. Thank you.
Helen Woodason
Hi Gregory, I am absolutely loving your classes! I always feel like I float down the road afterwards :)
Elaine Peters
Saturday's class was absolutely wonderful. You are truly gifted at bringing yoga to life for people. I have felt the positive reverberations of the class over the last few days. Bliss.
Liz Corner
Thank you for a wonderful class on Saturday it's amazing how yoga can restore you and make everything so much better. You have such a special gift and I hope you realise it.
Frances Liddiard
Words clearly can't express the gratitude one has for your Yoga classes. The overwhelming presence you have provided is one that will be greatly missed. I wish you the safest of travels and hope it's everything you wish for and more!! I'll look forward to seeing you in a year or so!!
Natasha Beasley
Greg what can I say that hasn't already been said. Thank you with much love from my heart and soul. Safe travelling.
Penny Lown
It's been a wonderful seven years and I've loved every minute. The best advice you gave was just to keep turning up! And I did. The changes happened without me noticing. I will miss your rich, deep chanting and little stories. Have fun, enjoy your trip. I look forward to seeing you again next year. Take care and thank you.
Marlane Heard
Thank you for years of stimulating classes. It takes me back 40 years to my first classes.
Maggie Holland
My two most influential Yoga Teachers have been Gregory Angell and Kevin Shepherd. I consider myself very blessed to have been guided and watched over by an Angell and a Shepherd. Keep us all posted with your travels. Much love.
Cheryl Shelley
Greg! Thank you for all of your beautiful Yoga classes.... appreciated beyond words. Safe travels.
Emma Twisted
Every week I learn something new about Yoga and myself. Thank you.
Louise Graham
Thank you for your classes, so beneficial for my dancing. It really compliments my training.
Josh aka Billy Elliot
Hi Gregory, Do have a wonderful year travelling. I hope it all works out as you wish. Thank you for helping to keep me sane after the loss of my husband, I don't think you can ever appreciate how much you helped me.
Sue Tidbury
Thank you with all my heart for being my first and lovliest yoga teacher and mentor. Thank you for your kindness. You have inspired and supported me from the moment I met you. I credit all I have learned: the spiritual side, the meditations, the philosophy, the practise, as fundamental to my recovery and comfort.
Penny Lown
Hiya Greg, I don t feel quite the same person without your magical classes. Makes me feel quite emotional.... though I have practiced Yoga for years your input inspired me to a point where it got me out of a hospital setting and helped me to encourage others. Now my mascara is running into eyes so I'll go! Thank you so much.
Nicola Petch
I've really enjoyed your yoga classes over the years and I've learned such a lot.
Rosalind Ebdon
I have been struggling with a difficult illness for 12 years, I have always believed that Yoga could make a difference. Now, thanks to your teaching, I believe it can make me completely well. It is not an entirely comfortable or blissful journey, gradually becoming aware of 'hidden' pains and limitations .... but far better to meet them and undo them now. Thank you.
George Parker
What a fantastic experience to travel for a year Greg. Spread your awesomeness!! Goes without saying you'll be missed.
Karin Lewiston
Would like to take this opportunity to tell you how amazing your classes are. I have enjoyed them so much and all your words of wisdom have helped me in so many ways. Thank you Greg.
Frances Liddiard
Greg, You have amazing numbers of people attending your classes. An absolute testament to your wonderful and enlightening teaching :) And your dedication and perseverance too.
Kirsty Charlton
That 'hip flexor' routine yesterday was a bit of a shock to my system. However I cycled to work this morning and was amazed how much better it felt, you certainly hit the mark there for me.
George Parker
Hi Gregory, It might come as a surprise to get an email from Bad Homburg, Germany! However, I wanted to thank you for your article on Full Yogic Breathing. It's a very concise instruction even without too much Yoga practice - more than I got from a number of books on this. A friend taught me last year some breathing, including Fire breathing and the Yogic breathing will certainly increase my experience. For attending your classes you' re a bit too far away, however, I wanted to say thank you for something you offer, even if it's free on the net. Kind regards,
Martin Koehler
Hi Greg, Last week I went to your Yoga class after having worked all night and only sleeping two hours. After class, I felt totally energised. It was amazing! I have been doing your classes for about eighteen months now and absolutely love them. My joints are so much more flexible and stronger. My digestion is better and quite honestly I wish I had gone to your classes years ago. I am a complete convert to yoga, what it does and how it makes one feel. Amazing! You are the best!!!!! Best wishes,
Sally Pearson
So few people that try to teach yoga should even think about it from my experience as a very humble beginner... Gregory Angell is by far the best teacher I have been lucky enough to spend time learning with, along side two others, in my 30 plus years of trying classes... Lots of worthy 'helpers' - but they are very different... One day I hope to get to India, so that I can revel in being on the lowest of the bottom rungs of yoga - there is no shame in knowing your limitations - but there is possibly some shame in assuming you can teach others when you have very little to share and no knowledge of how to teach.
Emma Smith
That was a million times better than I anticipated! Thank you,
Daniel Colman
I am amazed how my body is changing. I'm doing things in week 5 that I wasn't able to in week 1.
Susan Williams
Thank you so much for welcoming me back to class. It's such a blessing and the fact your classes are so busy speaks volumes!!!
Natasha Beasley
I was inspired by your class and can certainly feel the effects. The Zen atmosphere is just what I've been looking for.
Ellie Green
Thanks again for another great class today. I can't believe just how much the classes are changing my life for the better.
Susi Moser
I would like to reiterate how much I enjoyed (in a masochistic way at times!) my first class with you. Compared to the other class I attend, yours is like yoga on steroids! Quite a contrast. Your overwhelming passion and spirit was a joy to behold and as for the chanting, WOW, it really penetrated! So thank you for an amazing introduction to your classes. Yours in light,
Lisa Grainger
I love what you've created with your classes Greg. I appreciate every chance to join in.
Liz Morant
Thank you... I can't even begin to tell you how different I feel since I found your class, it's a lovely journey. Hopefully soon my shift pattern will change and I'll be able to make a second class too.
Susie Moser
Awesome class as usual Greg, every single muscle in my body is a bit 'ouchy' today. I must make the effort to make yoga a part of my life. It allows me to be me..... it makes my heart happy. Thank you for being a fantastic teacher!
Linda Robles Keller
I wanted to let you know that we have a new conversation in our family - Yoga! Car journeys, meal times and coffee stops are filled with happy moments as classes are remembered, recited, chanted and demonstrated! Just thought I'd share the joy your classes have brought to my household and to say a BIG thank you for enhancing our world.
Lisa Churchill
Hi Greg, Just wanted to say thank you for yet another fantastic class today. The music you use in class is brilliant!
Sally Pearson
Your class just gets better & better.
Debbie Corcoran
Hi Greg, Been meaning to send a message of thanks for a tough but fabulous first class with you last Sunday. Angie, Dolly, Josh and I had a challenging but fun time trying to twist, bend, and generally contort our bodies in all different directions and poses. All four of us loved your warm, calm energy, thank you too for being very welcoming. Looking forward to a second attempt this weekend. Thanks again,
Lisa Churchill
Awesome class as usual Greg, every single muscle in my body is a bit ouchy today. I must make the effort to make yoga a part of my life. It allows me to be me..... it makes my heart happy. Thank you for being a fantastic teacher!
Linda Robles Keller
I came to your yoga sessions thinking it was going to be all pink leotards and Lycra… how wrong I was! I defy anybody to do one of your classes and not feel the benefit. 18 months later I continue to enjoy your classes and can genuinely say I feel stronger, more flexible and relaxed as a result.
Paul Hodgets
"Men, you DO NOT just sit cross legged, eyes closed, straight back, making a circle with index fingers and thumbs, with a bunch of sissies who are producing strange noises in an attempt to discover some spiritual equilibrium." ...... an all too familiar perception of guys who have never tried Yoga. After my first introduction I was hooked. I first attended Gregory’s class in December 2011 and since I have been practicing every week. I have explored other styles, venues and teachers but found nothing to match what Greg offers. Every class energizes me and leaves me with a great "feel-good" state of being. The classes are as challenging as you want them to be as there are various levels of engagement available for every posture. After 1.5 years of attending I am still discovering the multitude of levels, depending on effort and focus, at which the practice works. I have learned to do things I thought would never be possible, it’s so rewarding. You can also re-introduce movement to parts of the body I’d forgotten. Every class provides a complete workout and I truly recommend everybody to try it. Quite simply it has improved my life; I wish I had started earlier. P.S. Don't be put off by Greg's chanting at the start of class. You get used to it, and it does become an integral part of the experience.
Harry Barsk
I would like to say thank you for introducing me to the practice of yoga. I am a reasonably fit person and lead a very active life, attending the gym 4-5 times a week, and I surf most weekends so fitness and balance are important. I have had a number of on going injures, mainly a chronic sciatic nerve which has been causing me issues over the last 7-8 years with pain and numbness in my leg and foot. I have been seeing an osteopath on and off over the last three years with little and very slow results so I decided to see if yoga would help. I started attending your classes about 8 weeks ago and there has been a huge transformation with my physical body and my relaxation and sleeping patterns. In the last two weeks have started to feel and see some real benefits from yoga. I no longer have the issue with my sciatic nerve which is amazing after so many years and money spent with the osteopath. When I get home after class my whole body buzzes like a tuning fork and I feel alive, which is followed by a great night sleep. The only disappointing thing is that I never started to practice yoga years ago, but it may have not been the right time in my life. It is the right time in my life now and I am going to continue to attend yoga classes long into the future.
Robert Eagle
I have deliberated for some time in writing this message simply because I wanted to wholeheartedly do justice to the practice that Greg conveys. My main exercise for many years has been boxing and yoga was always something that I had never considered because quite frankly I thought (wrongly) that it was for girls! A lot of my friends, when I started raving about all of the benefits of Yoga, couldn't quite believe it ( I'm not your typical student ) being a bit of a lump. I have immersed myself in the practice for about eight months now and with honesty can say that it is without doubt life changing for me both physically and spiritually and I have to put this down to Greg, simply put he is an astounding yoga teacher! This is reiterated throughout the class by everyone I have spoken to thus far. If you are going to try any yoga class then simply put, you will be fortunate in finding Greg.
Mike Sait
I have been doing yoga for over a year now after being somewhat reluctant to take it up. I must say that your classes are great Gregory - all aspects physical and spiritual. I feel physically stronger and more controlled all round. My golf has certainly benefited!
Colin Heyes
I have been doing yoga for over a year now after being somewhat reluctant to take it up. I must say that your classes are great Gregory - all aspects physical and spiritual. I feel physically stronger and more controlled all round. My golf has certainly benefited!
Rebecca Quelch
I really enjoy your classes. Your knowledge, thoughtful and gentle guidance, and priceless energy are so appreciated.
Juliet Breschinsky
A great day! A lovely lunch with great friends, fantastic session at the gym with an amazing yoga class from the brilliant Gregory Angell, exciting progress being made with Thursday's child, and to end it a lovely chat with the new man! Loving 2013!
Rebecca Quelch
Brilliant classes on Tuesday & Thursday, great to have you back.....I've started a petition by the way, banning you from taking any holidays!
Ron Baker
Hi Greg - thanks for a wonderful class on Wednesday. The Christmas music was a nice touch and it was a lovely way to end the semester. I have officially been practising yoga for a year and have been a total convert since week one! I feel so incredibly lucky that I took the decision, out of the blue, to try yoga last December and just happened to book your class. Yoga has been a real life-changer for me and the more I practise, the more I feel that maybe the decision wasn't taken so much on a whim, but because of something that had been germinating inside of me for quite some time. Looking forward to a lot more hard work, more thrilling little achievements and much joy on the mat in 2013!
Liz Morant
Dear Greg, Sometimes 'Thank You' is not enough. Yoga has been a part of my life for a long time, however only when I walked into your class did all the bits start joining up and making sense. Thank you for sharing the 'Light of Yoga' with us in 'Charvil - Berkshire'.
George Parker
I enjoyed your class immensely and have been looking forward to the next one ever since... dynamic and challenging...love it!
Penny Griffith
Hi Gregory, Just wanted to give you some feedback as after today's class. I'm overjoyed to report that all the back ache and tensions I normally carry around in my body have completely gone! Can't remember the last time it felt this fluid. It makes me appreciate how well you have structured the class to achieve this result. Thank you,
Lorna Cummings
Thoroughly enjoyed the class yesterday evening, I came out of there feeling rejuvenated from the inside out.
Tracey Waterhouse
Another amazing class today I feel fantastic...Thank you Gregory.
Penny Griffith
Hi Gregory, a belated thanks for Friday's class. Brilliant as usual!
Lorna Cummings
May I express what I think of Yoga..in not too many words. Where prescribed physiotherapy proved ineffective in dealing with a problem in my lower back which was causing a lot of pain, stress and severe restriction of movement, I decided to give your classes a try early in 2011. Being a complete beginner and having no real knowledge of Yoga, I had always held a misguided belief that it was purely a simple and easy pastime activity which only women and some 60’s type eccentric hippies indulged in, to fill in idle time. Oh boy...how wrong could I be! I had become quite depressed through my condition and really missed the active lifestyle I was once able to fulfil and I was willing to give anything a try, in the hope that some of the pain might be eased. So I plucked up courage, put pride aside and came along to one of your classes, keeping an open mind. Now a year later, beyond my wildest dreams and expectations, my back pain is but a distant memory and my flexibility, range and freedom of movement have improved enormously. I am amazed how Yoga has given me the ability to fold myself into some of the more challenging asanas you teach us, which would have been totally unthinkable twelve months ago. Not only, but my mind is also calmer and less cluttered, my body feels stronger and more toned and I seem to suffer less colds and common ailments than I used to before. Is it all in the mind? This has proven to be one of the better decisions I have ever made and one I wish I had taken long ago. Given some of the incredible benefits I have so far experienced as a result of practicing Yoga regularly and consistently, I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending your classes to just about anyone and I would say: “Put your trust in the practice of Yoga. Try it, you can’t go wrong” Gregory, your brilliant dedication, gentle and focused guidance are a true inspiration to the many practitioners who follow your classes and I am glad to be part of that following. Yoga has definitely made a huge difference to my life and long may it continue. With sincere thanks and gratitude.
Carlo Mosca
Loved the class today Greg.....Still buzzing from my endorphin rush - has set me up to have a fab weekend. By the way you are selling like hot cakes, next weeks class is already full!
Michelle Flick
I was really chuffed with myself last week, improved on the previous session and my muscles were beginning to 'remember'! I also realised how much I have missed classes - my body and mind are so noticeably affected, amazing! "Every truth has four corners: as a teacher I give you one corner, and it is for you to find the other three." - Confucius. Thank you for giving me the first corner Gregory. I adore your classes, thank you so much for the inspirational teaching. Unfortunately, despite attempting to book first thing this morning, a week in advance, I have been unable to get a place in next Friday's class. Might there be a chance that you will do more classes? Also, I wonder whether you'd be kind enough to let me know what the music is that you are using for the warrior poses?
Cheryl Pollard
Greg, just a quick note to thank you very much for the last year of yoga classes. I have been feeling a lot stronger since I have been managing 2 classes a week and your words during the class really keep me mentally positive. I hope you never stop teaching...
Amanda Brice
Hi Greg, have had nothing but great feedback about your day of teaching with the Southampton Yoga Association. Everybody really enjoyed it.
Jan Holtumm
Thank you for your 'dynamic' Yoga Class on Saturday in Durley, I really enjoyed it.The choice of uplifting music was excellent and your readings were memorable and amusing!You played an exceptionally good track for the Sun SalutationsI wonder if it would be possible for you to let me know which track it was, I too would like to incorporate it into my Yoga classes as I am sure my students would love it.Hopefully I will be able to get to more of your classes.
Daphne Bath
Gregory, just to let you know you have converted my sister Joanna to Yoga. Since she joined a session here she is doing 1 hour every day and has a teacher coming 1 to 2 times a week to her place in France. Amazing!
Zoe MacGillivray
I doubt you remember me but I came to one or two of your classes in Charvill, maybe 3 yrs ago, and enjoyed the class immensely. I started the IYTA course in Sydney Australia 1 yr ago and have been challenged mentally and physically by the mind blowing information. I just wanted to thank you for your words of wisdom, it is such a journey to embark on but I’m so glad I have.
Chris Sadd
I was so glad to get back to the classes yesterday. I have missed them so much over the summer. It is not just about the exercise for me anymore, although that is a very important part. It’s as much about the calm, the grace, the discipline, the challenge and the hidden rewards. I don’t believe I have had any illness – not even a cold – since regularly attending your classes. Everything works better and I sleep more soundly. I think I’m addicted!
Sally Daniell
Just to say that I have really enjoyed your excellent classes. My body feels so much better and if I have missed a class my familiar back tension returns. Spritually as well the words of wisdom that you read out in class have stayed with Luce and I many a time! I lost my stepfather to MND last August and I can honestly say that having had this quiet and calm time is one of the many things that has genuinely helped me this past year.
Suzi Gould
You are a wonderful yoga teacher and everyone loves your classes :-)
Amanda Lopez
I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed the change in music at the class you gave last Tuesday. I've never done yoga to anything but plinky plonky music before, but the cheerful music we did Sun Salutations too really cheered my spirits. And, the music for the Warrior sequence was inspired. I felt able to take on the world!
Wendii Lord
I just wanted to say thanks for all the effort you put into the classes - it really comes through and I am certainly a yoga convert because of your approach. A week doesn't seem right without one of your classes!
Rachel Sharpe
Thanks for today! Another FAB class ...... as always.
Emma Watling
I think your classes are fantastic – one day I will manage to do the Warrior sequence all the way through and one day I will fall asleep at the end (although, I think it likely that I will achieve the latter before the former!)
Sarah Brown
Your yoga classes really are excellent, you're very good. I'm pleased to be doing yoga classes again after so many years, I always loved it but since I moved back to the area couldn't find a good teacher, until you.
Natalie Delahaye
Hi Greg - just wanted to say a big thank you for the brilliant yoga class on Sunday - Claire and I loved it and it's perfect for a Sunday morning...always something different happens!
Greg Tull
Over the last few months I have been exposed to the great benefits of yoga, and a big part of this is down to the brilliance of my yoga instructor Greg Angell.
Tom Bushnell
Hi Greg, many thanks for the yoga session last week - I thought it was wonderfully relaxing and would love to come along more often. You're an excellent teacher. Many thanks.
Rachel Sharpe
To Greg, Thank you for teaching me Yoga. Love
Ellis Plumridge-Baker (Yoga Frogs)
To Greg, Thank you for teaching me Yoga and bye bye. Love
Owen Plumridge-Baker (Yoga Frogs)
Just wanted to say Lizzy said thank you so much for inviting her to the class - it did her back the world of good!
Mary-Anne Lavender
Loved the class today, especially the funky bit in the middle - that's new!!! Lizzy loved it too and we will both be back next week.
Mary-Anne Lavender
Dear Greg, I really enjoyed the class and I am looking forward to getting into yoga again. Thank you,
Anita Fryer
Thank you for today! It was a great class, I really enjoyed it.
Emma Watling
I saw Roscoe yesterday after he had done your class and he showed me the little info pack you give out to each new member and I have to say I think that is absolutely brilliant. What a nice touch!
Michelle Lodge
Gregory, just a quick question..what is it about Yoga? I had such a lousy week last week and when I came to your Yoga class I felt so..I can't really put it into words..it's like being able to fly like an angel..so awesome.
Linda Matthews
Hi Gregory! Just wanted to say thanks for a top Yoga class this morning. Claire and I thought the pace and style of the class was fantastic. So complementary to our usual dynamic Yoga classes (Jivamukti). I really appreciated the acknowledgement of the energetic body and the strong spiritual aspect that you wove into the class. Also the Yin Yoga quality.... It's not often a good teacher surfaces, and one so nearby!
Gregory Tull
I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed yesterday's class! I felt like I'd had a thorough work out and felt amazing. Could you not do anymore classes during the day (begging)?
Kate Hayden-Ellis
I don't think you understand the impact that this is going to have on my life and I can't thank you enough.
Linda Matthews
Thankyou Greg, I really enjoyed the class. The best yoga class I have ever been to!
Roxanne Slingsby
Thankyou for a great class Gregory. It's just what I've been looking for, I feel great. See you next week.
Annie Sleet
I've learnt a great deal from you already, and I intend to continue my path with yoga. Thank you for everything you've taught me, it has really changed a lot for me.
Sam Towner
Really enjoyed being back (both mentally & physically)!
Ellie Gardiner
Hi Greg, Having been coming to your yoga classes for a couple of months now, I just wanted to let you know that I no longer get the lower back pain that I've had for years. Wow, I can't believe it!
Eve Wood
Just wanted to say, how much I enjoyed my first class last week. I can really feel the benefit after only one class. I have already recommended your classes to a number of my clients, as I am sure they would benefit greatly.
Lynda Money
Hi, Gregory......I've added to Five Tibetans to the start of my daily practice and I've moved into the free-est, most joyful Yoga I've ever done. Sincere thanks.
Keith Broomfield
Hi Gregory, I just want to say thank you for the workshop yesterday. It was challenging but great! I cannot thank you enough for what you do. Though my progress is gradual it is happening! The hour and a half weekly class simply flys by!. Thank you and God bless,
Carmel Murphy
Thanks for being a fabulous Yoga Teacher.
Pam Byrne
I do love your commitment to Hatha Yoga, you obviously have a real passion for it. I find people who 'do' what they love do the job best, and you do.
Heather McCrudden
I have to tell you I have been on a yoga high since last night. I was so thrilled with the fact that I seemed to be getting into the postures with more ease and I am learning how to focus if you know what I mean. My friend was very emotional afterwards. She is a dear friend and we have done yoga classes with different teachers dipping in and out together over the years. She was overcome because she said your class was just brilliant and just what she needed. It's lovely to be in a class/community where there is opportunity to develop heart and soul alongside strengthening and toning, not to mention self awareness! Thank you...I am being inspired.
Penny Griffith
Greg, your classes are fantastic - they make me feel open and free (the lunges were tough though!).
Joanne Ledger
Greg I couldn't imagine coping so well with life/work as much as I am without your class, you have no idea what a difference it has made. My job is all 'giving out' and caring for people. It really takes it out of you both emotionally and physically. A good yoga session can restore and heal, just like that! Wonderful....and thank you
Penny Griffith
What a brilliant session! Don't move on will you?!
Gill Reeve
Thank you for a fabulous, relaxing, and energetic yoga class .......as usual! Love it!
Cheryl Cooke
Thank you so much for introducing me to Hatha Yoga. Yours is the first class I have found to be completely addictive. The improvement in my life since I started over a year ago is immeasurable - better organic health, a far greater sense of wellbeing and control, few injuries and improved flexibility. It has also helped my tennis! I cannot now imagine life without it.
Sally Daniel
I had never done any yoga before, but after one class I was hooked! Greg is a fantastic teacher, gently guiding through the postures and really encouraging. Attending the classes and workshops has also encouraged me to explore other areas such as meditation and breathing techniques. I always feel amazing and full of energy after I finish a class.
Phil Vega
Hi Gregory! In reply to your email! Since I have been attending your class, quite a few months now, I have felt SO MANY benefits!- I feel invigorated, full of energy, stronger, I have lost weight, one & a half stone ! ooh, toned up also, as I have had to go down a size & take even those clothes in! I have had lots of comments on how well I look, on my skin also. Us women love a bit of flattery !! & even better to boast about it !! I feel much more confident in myself & so much more positive about life. Keep on coming with your great words of wisdom. What would we do without you? Thank you for your dedication to us. I never want to miss a class! Thank you.
Doreen Tomkins
I am fifty-seven and became redundant/semi-retired at the end of 2009. I joined Greg’s yoga class at the beginning of this year on the recommendation of my wife, who was initially surprised that I was willing to attend as I had never been to a yoga class before - or indeed a gym - although I had played most sports in earlier years. I have enjoyed Greg’s classes and found his style of instruction to be relaxed, knowledgeable and attentive. He seems to cater well for both complete novices like me and the more experienced yoga participant. After six weeks or so the benefits for me seem to be that my body is definitely more supple and feels stronger, I feel refreshed and have more energy after the exercises and I am sleeping better. The relaxation sessions in each class certainly seem to empty the mind of distractions and help you to focus on dealing with the more important things in life and work. I can honestly say that if I had done yoga previously it would have equipped me better to deal with the everyday pressures and stresses of working life. As it is, I am now doing some part-time consultancy work advising business people on improving their performance and I have become a strong advocate of taking up yoga as one of the possible solutions to aiding personal effectiveness and well-being. I would happily recommend Greg’s yoga class for people seeking this aim.
John McGregor
Great classes well constructed and very informative.
Gill Reeve
Thanks for the class last Friday, been a while since I've been to a class, really enjoyed it, thought it was challenging enough without being impossible and also liked the meditative atmosphere, helps you get deeper into the postures and also gives the class a bit of flow! So many yoga classes are stop start and you forget why you were there in the first place!
Darren Plunkett
Brilliant class today! Enjoyed it!
Steph Mount
A big 'thank you' for teaching me yoga for the past 8 months. I thoroughly enjoyed your classes in Ash - you have a great way of teaching and encouraging your 'students'.
Alice Day
Thank you for enabling me to experience yoga in a new way - I really enjoy your classes, they always leave me with so much peace. Look forward to many more.
Kathryn Jones
Can I just take this opportunity to thank you. Usually I don't get a chance to thank you at the end of the class. Even though I find some of what we do quite difficult, I still look forward to my yoga class every Friday evening. That is thanks to you and your enthusiasm and encouragement. I can feel the benefits, though subtle, every week. I am not sure had I not met you in the foyer at Salesian that Thursday evening in February, I would have ever plucked up the courage to come to the class!
Carmel Murphy
Although I have only attended one class of yours I have been showered with gifts from you in the form of inspiration ever since - the movements have helped me re-connect to a gentle but strong energy again: whereas your lovely messages serve to open not only my heart but others to whom I forward these to, again and again. Thank you and bless you,
Angela Houstoun
I just want to say a big thank you for helping me get started with the yoga again and your kind support. Hope to still get the emails with all the inspirational thoughts!
Linda Ritchie
I find that these yoga classes help me relax, help my body unwind and are great for de-stressing. I really want to try and be regular for the Sunday classes, as they set me up nicely for the week ahead.
Ayesha Aziz
I know that yoga always makes me feel energised, more positive and relaxed after, a very beneficial practise that should be an essential part of any life to enable progression for mind body and soul.
Cheryl Cooke
Thank you so much for the emails I will print them and start to put it into practise. I have played a lot of tennis/squash/badminton (I still play a little) so my knees are really bad which is why I think I struggle near the end of the class, with practise I will become more supple and stop being such a baby... Once again, thank you, you are a wonderful teacher.. I am loving the class and so glad I spoke to you in the gym last week.
Catherine Boyd
Just to let you know that there was another very positive response to your Yoga Session when I returned to work on Friday. The people who participated on Friday were unanimous in saying what a grounded, genuine person you are. Thank you once again.
Jenny Turney
Many thanks for your excellent Workshop. We both enjoyed every aspect of it, so much; and, especially, the slow, relaxed pace, and, your chanting. We both felt energised, renewed, and peaceful afterwards. The feeling is still with us, today. When we came back last night, Tony went, straight away, into clearing our office room of all the clutter and junk, and spent hours doing it (which he has not done for years).
Ella Mattey
I love your approach and way of teaching. Your workshops for 2009 – with the themes, the inclusion of philosophy, pranayama, asanas etc. – show a holistic style of yoga teaching that’s sorely missing out there in the world, I believe. Plus it shows a lot of thought and care behind the scenes. It’s work done from the heart, with a lot of passion. Shame I’m in Holland and can’t train with you. I hope you manage to infect others with your enthusiasm for yoga.
Vardit Kohn
Just some feedback to say I really enjoyed the class on Thursday night thank you very much I really appreciate learning how to feel myself into the postures, how to take time to do them properly rather than rush through them and all the relaxation too! I always feel very relaxed and clear headed after the class.
Su Jenkins
I just wanted to say I have wanted to do Yoga on and off for years but never found exactly the class which was taught how I felt Yoga should be. Then I walked into your class :-). Like everything in life I feel that experiences come along when we're ready for them, and have the time to enjoy them. Your class is for want of a better word "awesome", I am hoping I will always have Mondays free to attend them.
Issy Baker

Gregory is always available to answer any questions you may have and assist you with your yoga practice...