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Yoga Online With Gregory Angell (YO-GA)

The online classes have not only enabled me to practice more, and at a time that fits around family life, but also my confidence in yoga has grown. I have gained so much from your online sessions so a huge thank you from me.Cathryn Bishop

  • It’s so easy: you receive a list of links (url); you select a class; click on the link; and enjoy;
  • As soon as you subscribe you will have access to the entire library of classes, tutorials, and articles;
  • All recordings will be available ‘on-demand’ i.e. you can watch them on a day, and at a time, that suits you, as many times as you like. Whilst subscribing they will always be available;
  • There is also a selection of short relaxation and meditation sessions;
  • The number of classes available increases by two each week;
  • There is plenty of variety of dynamic and relaxing sessions;
  • There is plenty of choice of length of class (ranging from 5 minutes to 2 hours);
  • There are numerous short tutorials (approx 10 minutes) explaining in detail different aspects of the class;
  • There is an extensive library of educational articles, enabling you to gradually broaden your understanding of the vast subject matter known as Yoga. The number of articles available increases by one each week.
  • Beginners, you will receive ongoing support and encouragement. If you stick with it for a year you will transform into confident and competent practitioners of Yoga;
  • It’s not about being perfect it’s about doing what you can, from where you are, with what you have. Just practice and the rest falls into place;
  • Staying calm is the key, the most advanced bit, and Yoga shows you the way;
  • I offer you the benefit of::
    • 20 years of practice;
    • 13 years of full-time teaching (approx 6,500 classes);
    • 1,700 hrs of Teacher Training (standard requirement is 200hrs).
  • The cost:
    • Option 1: £25 a month for all of the above;
    • Option 2: £40 a month for all of the above and 121 support (up to five personal ‘zoom’ tutorials a month sent to ‘you’ addressing ‘your’ questions/concerns;
    • Option 3: £250 a year for all of the above;
    • Option 4: £400 a year for all of the above and 121 support (up to five personal ‘zoom’ tutorials a month sent to ‘you’ addressing ‘your’ questions/concerns;
  • Check out the testimonial page on my website: www.gregoryangell.com;
  • If you’d like to subscribe, send me an email: info@gregoryangell.com.

Stay Inspired ♥️x

Gregory is always available to answer any questions you may have and assist you with your yoga practice…