One to One Yoga with Gregory Angell (YogaMaster)

Experience yoga that bends around you?

Tailor-made tuition to suit your level, your intentions and your timetable.

Private Yoga sessions are a great way to start, deepen or come back to your yoga practice. Tailor-made tuition to suit your level, your intentions and your timetable.

OnetoOneYoga is an incredible tool to deepen, build, or begin your yoga practice. Either through a small course or an ongoing class once a week, once a month, or once a year, a one-to-one private yoga session offers numerous benefits not generally available in a group class. These benefits are relevant for the absolute beginner to the advanced practitioner.

  • Learn short sequences, relaxation exercises, and strength-building postures to take into a self practice;
  • Modify and adapt postures to suit the demands and limits of your individual body;
  • Develop the skills and knowledge to take group yoga classes with confidence and safety;
  • Refine your pre and post work-out stretches and cool downs, improving the effectiveness of the exercise you already do;
  • Deconstruct complicated postures and develop the strength to practice them.
  • Be amazed at how you can melt tension and become flexible;

  • Enjoy toning up while replenishing your energy levels;

  • Work at your own pace, guided with the utmost care;

  • Use unique tailor made programs to create change;
  • Understand postural habits and re-establish balance. Heal sciatica, back, and shoulder pain;

  • Learn to breathe, pause, recharge and truly relax;

  • Manage your weight and fall in love with yourself.

The time is now! You deserve it.

Gregory is always available to answer any questions you may have and assist you with your yoga practice…